Pressure Cushions – Star and Vicair Pressure Solutions

Pressure Cushions – Star and Vicair Pressure Solutions

Pressure injuries, such as pressure ulcers, can be a major health issue for those with mobility challenges. It’s a good thing AC has both the Vicair and Star Cushion range of pressure cushions!

The choice of pressure cushion is really important, as it can have a big impact on your health. We thought we’d take this opportunity to outline some of the pressure cushion options available at AC, focusing on the Vicair and Star Cushion range.

Air Pressure Cushions

The holy grail of pressure cushions is a material that totally conforms to the individual shape of the patient. Air is the most conforming medium and is lightweight, and both Vicair and Star have excellent products in this category.

Star Cushions
Depending on just how much immersion is need, you can select from the short, mid, standard or max immerse cushions. Star Cushions come available in single, dual and quad valve options. More valves means greater postural stability! Of particular interest is the Star Galaxy cushion, with a contoured design which helps to promote pressure relief and seating posture. It’s even perfect for use in a recliner chair, as it helps the user to maintain their seating posture while in a recline position.

Vicair Cushions see the range
Vicair’s great range includes the Vector O2 (machine washable), Adjuster (for assymetric bodies), Positioner (lateral stability), Vector (anatomically contoured), Active (easy transfers), Multifunctional (for tilting wheelchairs), Junior Vector (for children), and the AllRounder (for life in and out of a wheelchair).

Air / Foam Pressure Cushions

Air is a fantastic medium for cushions, but some users what that extra peace of mind that they won’t ‘bottom out’ while in their cushion—and that’s where air/foam cushions like the Star Stabilair Cushion are perfect. With air-filled cells that are partly filled with foam, you’re able to have it all.

The Academy Active Cushion is a great choice for active wheelchair users. The Academy Active uses foam at the front for stability and support during transfers, with the rear featuring three compartments filled with SmartCell air cells which can be adjusted to the user’s ideal seating posture.

Fully Adjustable Air Pressure Cushions

Sometimes therapists feel that although air is a conforming and lightweight medium, sacrifices must be made with positioning in order to use it. The Vicair Academy Adjuster, with its individually adjustable compartments, and the Star Cushion’s Starlock cushion with individually adjustable air cells, mean you don’t need to compromise.

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