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R82 Flamingo High Low

Toilet/Bathing Chair


  • Adjusts 21 cm in seat height, user weight up to 70 kg
  • Tilt-in-space and back recline function
  • Available in four sizes and two colours

The Flamingo High Low is a toilet/bathing chair that fits into any bathroom. The height adjustable feature lets carers perform bathing and hygiene tasks conveniently and safely.

It can be used freestanding with a pan, directly over the toilet and as a shower chair. The seat is also removable for direct mounting on a toilet or in a bath.

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Adapt to your own working conditions

With smooth height adjustment,  the Flamingo High-low allows you to adjust from 53  up to 74 cm in seat height. This height adjustability function makes transfers in and out of the chair much easier, letting the carer select the best working conditions.

Choose the best positioning

The Flamingo High-low lets you tilt-in-space and offers a back recline function. This makes it easy to position the user with knees higher than the hips –  which is proven to improve bowel function.

Easy to use

With easily accessible foot pedals for height adjustment and tilt-in-space, The Flamingo High-low is easy to use. Pedals are equipped with security locks.

Bathtime is fun and relaxing

When bath-time is that bit more complicated, the Flamingo High Low is perfect. The inlay and the back recline function make comfort and support easy.

Flamingo High Low

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Seat width (A) 24 cm 28 cm 32 cm 34 cm
Seat depth (B) 25 cm 29 cm 35 cm 40 cm
Back height (C) 35 cm 38 cm 42 cm 47 cm
Lower leg length (D) 20-25 cm 23-34 cm 30-42 cm 30-42 cm
Seat height above floor (E) 53-74 cm 53-74 cm 53-74 cm 53-74 cm
Back width (F) 20 cm 22 cm 26 cm 28 cm
Frame width (G) 50 cm 50 cm 57 cm 57 cm
Frame length (H) 64 cm 64 cm 76 cm 76 cm
Total height (I) 86-108 cm 92-111 cm 94-117 cm 102-120 cm
Seat, total width 35 cm 38 cm 43 cm 48 cm
Seat, total depth 26 cm 31½ cm 36 cm 42½ cm
Seat, total height 40 cm 43 cm 48 cm 51 cm
Back angling -90° -30° -90° -30° -90° -30° -90° -30°
Tilt in space -5°-20° * -5°-20° -5°-20° -5°-20°
Foot support angle 90°-75° 90°-75° 90°-75° 90°-75°
Weight, total 14 kg 14.5 16.5 kg 17 kg
Weight, frame 11.5 kg 11.5 kg 12.5 kg 12.5 kg
Weight, seat 2.5 kg 3 kg 4 kg 4.5 kg
Max load, total 35 kg 50 kg 60 kg 70 kg
Max load, frame 37.5 53 kg 64 kg 74.5 kg
Max load, seat 35 kg 50 kg 60 kg 70 kg
Max load, operating force 35 kg 35 kg 55 kg 55 kg

* The -5° tilt is obtainable at 55 (19½”) cm seat height above floor

Flamingo High Low Seat User Manual

Flamingo High Low Bath Frame User Manual


Flamingo High low

Head support – For correct positioning and support

Flamingo High low

Push brace – Provides secure point to manoeuvre the unit

Flamingo High low

Push handle – Assisting handle for height adjustment

Flamingo High low

Sides w/upholstery – Provide moderate torso control and positioning

r82 flamingo

Side supports – for additional support and safety

r82 flamingo

Armrests/tray – upper arm support, swings away for transfer

r82 flamingo

Armrests – Provides arm support

r82 flamingo

Commode pan – inside or outside the bathroom


flamingo high low

Potty ring – For use over the toilet

flamingo high low

Upholstery, seat w/ wider sides – comfort & less width

flamingo high low

Toilet mounting

Mesh vest - For correct positioning and support

Mesh vest

flamingo high low

Calf Support

flamingo high low

Splash guard, low


flamingo high low

Seat infill

flamingo high low

Suction cups

flamingo high low

Back extension

flamingo high low

Rod for mounting back extension

flamingo high low


flamingo high low

Back reinforcement kit


Flamingo High low

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