R82 Kudu

Paediatric Manual Wheelchair


  • Adjustable center of gravity, self centering tilt-in-space/back recline
  • Growth adaptable with a range of accessories
  • Secure and portable transportation

The R82 Kudu is a practical indoor and outdoor paediatric wheelchair, combining functionality and fun to provide the right fit and posture. It comes in 4 sizes and is adjustable as the child grows. With the Kudu you can change the back recline angle without tools. It’s easy to transport too – the back rest can be collapsed horizontally and the wheels can be removed.

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R82 Kudu Features

Self centering tilt-in-space/Back recline

When you use the self-centering tilt-in-space feature, the Kudu’s centre of gravity remains intact. This also makes it easier to manoeuvre the wheelchair. The back rest is adjustable individually from the seat.

Growth adaptable

Both the base of the seat, and the back rest, are designed so it is easy to adjust height and depth – as well as mount fix-locks for seatbelts!

Center of gravity

Every child has different needs. That’s why the Kudu seat’s can be adjusted to one of 3 different positions. The Kudu’s frame is strong and durable, with a length that makes it easy to manoeuvre.

Secure and portable transportation

The Kudu complies with ISO 7176-19 for transporting children in motor vehicles (max. 57 kg).

R82 Kudu

Size 1


Size 2


Size 3


Size 4


Seat width (A) 26 30 34 38
Seat width with hip supports (accessories) 16 20 24 28 cm
Seat depth (B) 22-32 27-37 31-41 35-45
Back height (C) 37-46 40-52 43-58 43-63
Lower leg length (D)
Foot plate, centrally, mounted 16-31 16-38 26-45 26-45
Foot plates, mounted either side 25-35 30-48 30-48
Seat height above floor (E) 48 48 48 48
Width (G) 59 63 67 71
Length (H) 69 69 74 74
Height (I) 94 94 94 94
Weight 19 kg 21 kg 23 kg 25 kg
Max. user weight / load 40 kg 50 kg 60 kg 60 kg
Max. user weight in transportation 57 kg 57 kg 57 kg 57 kg
Back recline -5° to 30° -5° to 30° -5° to 30° -5° to 30°
Seat tilt -3° to 45° -3° to 45° -3° to 45° -3° to 45°
Camber angle for 20, 22, 24 inch wheels

Angles: Back recline (-5° to 30°), Self centering tilt in space (-3° to 45°)The Kudu measurements above are based on the use of 22”rear wheels, 6” front wheels, angle adjustable push braces and parted foot rests. Different settings may result in another set of measurements. To achieve some of the measurements above, slight adjustments might be required. As we supply various types of accessories, the weight is listed without.

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