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R82 Manatee

Bath Chair

  • Adjustable seat depth, back and leg rests
  • Head cushion and lateral support for support and comfort
  • Available with red or blue covers

The R82 Manatee is designed to make bathing as easy as possible. In order to accommodate child growth, the seat depth can be adjusted. You’ll be able to use the Manatee for years.

Children 1 year and up can use the Manatee. Since every child is different with different needs, please use the measuring chart to find the right size for your child.

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R82 Manatee Features

R82 Manatee

Depth adjustable seat

As your child grows, adjust the seat depth as needed.

R82 Manatee

Adjustable back and leg rests

By simply pulling a strap or pushing a button, you can adjust the back and lower leg support.

R82 Manatee

Head cushion/lateral support

During bathing, comfort and support are essential. The Manatee’s head cushion and lateral support give your child all the support they need.

R82 Manatee

Adjustable waist strap

The waist strap secures your child during bathing, guaranteeing a safe experience.


R82 Manatee Specifications

Manatee User Manual

Manatee Parts List & Exploded Views


r82 manatee

Torso strap

r82 manatee


r82 manatee

Leg supports

r82 manatee

Pads for head/lateral support

r82 manatee

Frame – Basic version

r82 manatee

Frame – height adjustable

r82 manatee


r82 manatee

Wall mounting

Cover Colours

R82 Manatee


R82 Manatee


Manatee Video

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