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R82 Orca & Penguin

Bathtub & Bathing Seat


  • Height-adjustable frame with wheels for perfect working conditions
  • Use the Penguin or the Flamingo bathing seat with the Orca
  • Hygienic & easy to clean

The Orca is a bath tub that provides comfort and freedom of movement for your child with special needs. The Orca features smooth round edges and has a hygienic and smooth surface making it easy to clean. The frame can be disassembled to minimise space for storage or transportation. The Penguin makes bathing comfortable – supporting the head and trunk while allowing freedom of movement for arms and legs. The Penguin easily fits the individual child.

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R82 Orca / Penguin Features

r82 orca penguin

Create ideal working conditions

The Orca’s height adjustable frame makes both standing and sitting care possible. Thanks to free space on the side of the Orca, you can be close to the user for comfort. It’s easy to move the bath tub around thanks to the four castors – even with water in it.

r82 orca penguin

Easy to store, transport and clean

Storage or transportation is made easier due to a frame you can pull apart. The Orca is made with an easy to clean, smooth and hygienic surface.

r82 orca penguin

Freedom of movement

Mount one of R82’s bathing seats in the Orca for extra trunk support and freedom of movement. Either the Flamingo or the Penguin bathing seat fits perfectly.

r82 orca penguin

Penguin’s suction cups mean extra safety

The Penguin’s suction cups secure it in the bath tub, so you don’t need to worry.

R82 Flamingo Specifications

Orca User Manual


Orca Parts List & Exploded Views


r82 orca

Extension hose

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