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R82 Stingray

Special Needs Stroller


  • Tilt in space and back recline
  • 180° turnable seat
  • Foldable, safe transportation in vehicles

The R82 Stingray’s adjustability, comfort and ease of steering are what sets this stroller apart. The Stingray, with its 180° turnable seat, is truly unique. The ability to make angle adjustments means it’s easy to find just the right position for your child. With great driving properties, fantastic suspension and safe and stable brakes, the Stingray is a great choice for your child with special needs. The Stingray is available in 2 sizes.

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Tilt in space and back recline

Get the perfect seat position thanks to the Stingray’s adjustable seat tilt and back angle. The seat unit tilts up to 45° and the back reclines down, letting your child rest while on the go.

180° turnable seat

See the Stingray’s amazing 180° turnable seat unit, which can be rotated even with the child seated! Now there is no obstacle to your child exploring their surroundings during the trip. Or simply turn the unit to easily make eye contact with your child!

R82 Stingray


The Stingray easily and quickly folds and fits into almost any car. The seat and frame can be folded separately or together.

Safe transportation in vehicles

The Stingray complies with ISO 7176-19, for safe transportation in motor vehicles. The Stingray is approved for transportation of 15½ kg user weight in vehicles.

R82 Stingray Specifications

Size 1 Size 2
Inch Inch
Seat width (A) 11¾” 13¾”
Seat width between knee supports 11″ 12¾”
Seat width between hip supports (accessories) 7,8½,10¼” 9,10½,12″
Seat depth (B) 7-11¾” 9¾-15½”
Back height at shoulders (C) 10½-16″ 14-19¾”
Back height (C1) 16-21½” 19½-25¼
Lower leg length (D) 5½-17½” 5½-17½”
Seat height above floor (E) 20¼” 20¼”
Back width, inside (F) 11¾” 14″
Back width, outside (F1) 17½” 20¼”
Frame width, total (G) 23″ 23″
Frame length w.turnable front wheels(H1) 28¾” 28¾”
Frame length w.large front wheels 32¾” 32¾”
Height, push brace 15° (I) 39,40,41¼” 39,40,41¼”
Foot plate (width x depth) 12 x 7¾” 12 x 7¾”
Frame length, folded 35″ 35″
Height folded 19″ 19″
Weight, frame 29,5 lb 29,5 lb
Weight, seat unit 12 lb 14,5 lb
Max. user weight / load 88 lb 88 lb
Max. user weight/load transportation 88 lb 88 lb
Tilt in space 45° 45°
Back recline 170° 170°

R82 Stingray Seat User Manual

R82 Stingray Frame User Manual

R82 Stingray Parts List & Exploded Views

R82 Stingray Accessories


Head rest cushion
For added support


Sculpted head support
For additional support and stability


Folding top
For protection in all kinds of weather


Head rest
For correct positioning and support

R82 Stingray Video Part 1

R82 Stingray Video Part 2

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