R82 Rabbit Mobile Stander


  • Angle adjustable center bar
  • Central lock & quick release wheels
  • Prepared for accessories

The Rabbit promotes development of your child’s motor skills and helps redevelop muscles and restore motion to joints. Being in a standing position lets your child be an active participant with more independence. With an accessible and simple design the Rabbit has maximum mobility in the standing position. The Rabbit comes in four sizes and is suitable for children between the age of 1 to 18 years. The Rabbit’s measuring chart helps you find the correct size for your child.

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R82 Rabbit Features Video

rabbit mobile stander

Angle adjustable centre bar

The Rabbit has a simple, easy to use and controlled angle adjustment, making it possible to obtain the best standing position.


rabbit mobile stander Central lock

Central lock

User operated lock system which locks the wheels for steady and secure transfer.


rabbit mobile stander Quick release wheels

Quick release wheels

The two driving wheels are equipped with quick release for easy mounting. The wheels are available in a variety of sizes for each size Rabbit.


rabbit mobile stander Prepared for accessories

Prepared for accessories

All sizes of Rabbit can be equipped with all sizes of accessories. The Rabbit is designed with slots in the center bar for mounting the accessories.

Rabbit Mobile Stander Specifications

  Size 1 w/22″ wheels Size 2 w/26″ wheels Size 3 w/32″ wheels Size 4 w/36″ wheels
  Inch Inch Inch Inch
Width (G) 24″ 28″ 28½” 29″
Width, inside (G1) 12¾” 17¼” 17¼” 17¼”
Length (H) 24¼” 29¼” 31¼” 35″
Height from floor (I) * 26¼-39″ 33¼-46″ 38½-51″ 46¾-59¾”
Height from foot plate (I1)* 21½-29″ 29¼-42″ 32½-46½” 37½-55½”
Angle of the centre bar (a1) 0 to +30° 0 to +30° 0 to +30° 0 to +30°
Angle of the foot plate (a2) +15° to -10° +15° to -10° +15° to -10° +15° to -10°
Length, centre bar 19½” 27¼” 31¼” 39″
Weight 29,5 lb 34 lb 35 lb 40,5 lb
Max. user weight / load 88 lb 110 lb 132 lb 154 lb

Rabbit Mobile Stander User Manual

Rabbit Mobile Stander Parts List & Exploded Views

Rabbit Mobile Stander Accessories

rabbit mobile stander Formed foot plates

Formed foot plates
Ensure the correct position of the feet

rabbit mobile stander Heel stops

Heel stops
Ensures the correct position of the feet

rabbit mobile stander Hinged sandals

Hinged sandals
To be mounted on the Foot plate

Foot plate - ensures the correct position of the feet

Foot plate
Ensures the correct position of the feet

Rabbit Mobile Stander Colours

rabbit mobile stander size 1 colour red

Red for size 1

Blue for size 2 + 3

Blue for size 2 + 3

Silver for size 4

Silver for size 4

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