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Rifton Pacer

Walker & Gait Trainer


  • Prompts that attach anywhere; no tools required
  • Simple height adjustments in 2.5 cm increments
  • Folds and fits in car boots and through 32″/81 cm doors
  • Accessories that accommodate posterior or anterior gait trainer use

Designed for a wide range of clients with varying abilities, the Rifton Pacer walker range is renowned for its modular design, durability, and flexibility. Thanks to the Rifton Pacer gait trainer, thousands of people of all ages have enjoyed independence and improved strength and confidence. With five walker sizes, infants as young as nine months and adults up to 125 kgs can experience the benefits of walking and gait training.

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Foldable frame & easy rear access

The folded frame can fit in most car boots. (Mini and small Rifton Pacer walkers fit in most boots without folding.)

Medium (K502), large (K503) and XL (K504) Rifton Pacer walkers fold for storage or transport, and can fit in most car trunks. To fit the frame in your boot, some accessories may have to be removed. Use the black, two-handed release catches to fold or unlock the frame.

The Rifton Pacer walker is designed for easy rear access to make transfers into and out of this mobility walking aid as smooth as possible, whether the client will face forwards or backwards in the frame.

Height adjustable

The frame’s top bar should be at waist height. Choose a frame that will allow for growth, if applicable.

Rifton Pacer gait trainer mobility walking frames are height adjustable in 1″/2.5 cm increments, with no tools needed. The frame’s top bar should be set to the client’s waist height. (The mini (K509) Pacer frame is not height adjustable, but hand loops, handholds, or arm prompts can be height-adjusted to meet the child’s needs.)

Innovative casters

Swivel lock: Each caster swivel-locks independently. Lock all 4 to help clients walk in a straight line, or just the two rear casters to eliminate drifting sideways. Release swivel lock on all casters for movement in any direction.
One-way ratchet control: Set each caster to prevent involuntary backward movement. Works best when casters are also swivel-locked.

Innovative casters have separate swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and one-way ratchet control features. Use any combination to control the Rifton Pacer walker’s speed and direction.

Variable drag: Use this to slow down fast-moving clients, prevent veering, or help clients navigate corners. Vary the drag by rotating the dial from zero to max.
Brakes: Independent of the drag function. To apply, depress bottom half of white brake pedal; to release, press top half.

Posterior positioning

Taking off is easy in the XL Pacer in the posterior position.

Clients can be placed in the posterior position while gait training in the Pacer. Prompts and supports can be reversed and moved along the top bar of the frame to whichever position best matches the client’s needs.

Prompts attach anywhere

Press the clamp button to adjust each prompt in 1″/2.5 cm increments.

Prompts and supports—such as arm rests and chest support—attach anywhere along the Pacer frame’s top bar, and are easily removed when a client no longer needs them. This feature also allows the Rifton Pacer walker to be easily adapted to a successive client’s needs in a school or institution setting.


Carmakers believe in the long-term benefits of baked-on powder coating. So do we. Designed to stand up to wind and weather, our colors also conform to American and European toy safety standards. Our Pacer gait trainer is available in 6 colors: blue, red, lime, champagne, raspberry and purple.

Rifton Pacer Walker Sizing, Positioning & Prompt Documents

k522 rifton pacer accessories tote bag

Accessories Tote Bag – A tough and attractive tote bag big enough (14″ x 16″ x 9″) to keep all your Pacer accessories.

rifton pacer mounted arm prompts

Arm prompts – often crucial to gait training, accommodate numerous positioning requirements.

rifton pacer mounted chest prompt

The chest prompt – available in three sizes and accommodates a wide range of users.

rifton pacer hip positioner pad

The hip positioner – swings with a client’s walking motion, allowing the user to shift weight from one leg to the.

rifton pacer thigh prompts only

Thigh prompts – swing freely with the user’s stride, and prevent leg scissoring while encouraging weight-bearing.

Ankle prompts – can be adjusted to help determine foot separation and prevent scissoring.

k519 rifton pacer handholds

Handholds – can be placed anywhere along the top bar of the Pacer frame.

rifton pacer communication tray discman

The communication tray – height and angle adjustable.

k589 rifton pacer guidebar

The attendant guide bar – attaches to the center front of the top bar of any size Pacer. It enables caregivers to guide clients while gait training

k579 rifton pair of hand loops

Hand loops – can be used on any size Pacer. Providing a handhold boosts a client’s sense of stability and confidence while moving.

k553 rifton small pelvic support no handholds

Pelvic support – provides brief weight–bearing assistance as needed while clients build strength and stamina.

Order Form for Therapists

Rifton Pacer walker product manual – Small & Mini

Rifton Pacer walker product manual – M, L & XL

Attendant guidebar product manual – M, L & XL

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Rifton Pacer Walker Videos

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The Thigh prompts

The Chest prompt

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