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Rifton TRAM

Transfer and Mobility Device


  • Ultralight compact frame that’s easy to maneuver
  • A body support system that eliminates any lifting by the caregiver
  • 160 kg weight capacity and over 70 patient lifts on a single charge

Offering more for less cost, the Rifton TRAM seamlessly performs seated transfers and raises a patient for standing and supported ambulation. More than a patient lift system, the Rifton TRAM combines three powerful functions in one device: gait training, sit-to-stand transfers, and seated transfers.

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Body support system

Rifton’s TRAM features an innovative support system that secures the patient with a simple buckle.

Optional scale

The TRAM’s optional scale allows the caregiver to weigh a patient easily during transfer—as well as measure weight-bearing capability and progress—during supported ambulation.

Built-in up & down switch

Raise and lower the TRAM using the single button built into the right steering handle.

Three stage riser

The  telescoping lift column gives the patient the security and dignity of unobstructed eye contact with their caregivers and surroundings. The TRAM can be raised high enough to support a 6’4″ walking client and then retract down to 43.5″ for compact storage.

Expanding legs

Compact and low-profile, the TRAM can pass through a 28″/71 cm doorway with ease. Transfer in and out of  wider wheelchairs by rotating the leg expander.

Color-coded clips

Quickly hook the metal rings into one of the four color-coded clips. The clips have been color-coded for positive identification in written protocols.

Low-base option

The low-base TRAM does everything the standard Rifton TRAM does, plus it slides under beds with as low as 4.25″ clearance.

k309 rifton tram direction lock

Directional locks for the casters make it possible to roll the TRAM straight down the hall without drifting laterally.

rifton TRAM optional scale

The TRAM’s optional scale allows the caregiver to weigh a patient easily during a routine transfer, and can measure how much weight the client is bearing.

rifton TRAM forearm supports

Forearm supports are used to give extra lifting support for clients who have low tone or for clients who need their arms secured.

rifton TRAM walking saddle

The walking saddle, available in three sizes, is used for sit-to-stand transfers and supported ambulation.

k307 rifton tram extra battery

An additional battery may be needed in settings where frequent medical transfers are being made each day.











k308 rifton tram extra thigh straps

Thigh straps are used to make seated transfers. Choose either narrow (5″) or wide (7″), depending on the needs of your client.

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The Seated Transfer

Using the Direction Locks

The Sit-to-Stand Lift and Gait Training

Using the Scale for Weighing

Using the Forearm Supports