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Bathing System


  • Extra wide seat with open sides
  • Completely configurable – all sizes fit on any of the 3 base options
  • Less costly than remodeling a bathroom or assisted living

With input from therapists and carers, Rifton have updated the popular Rifton Wave Bathing System. The Wave has been widened for larger clients. To protect skin, padding under soft knit fabric has been added. Along with the tub stand and shower stand, Rifton have added a new tub transfer base (available mid-2017) to revolutionise  transferring and bathing large clients.

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rifton wave

A complete bathing system with integrated transfer solution

(1) The Rifton Wave is available in small, medium and large.
(2) The tub stand is a great option to get if you want to spare your back while raising the chair in the tub.
(3) For use at standing height while in the shower, you can choose the shower stand.
(4) Use the back-saving rotating transfer base to transfer a large or heavy user for an over-the-tub shower. You can place your client or loved one on the bath chair and move it over the tub without strain – even with a lift, if necessary.  (Available in mid-2017).


Wider and more comfortable

Before Rifton designers redesigned the Wave, they asked industry professionals and therapists what they wanted. The most common request was more width.
(1) Our large is 44.4 cm (17 1/2”) wide and it will accommodate adults up to 188 cm (6’2” ) and 113 kgs.
(2) & (3) The small and medium are both 15” wide.
(4) Not only is the redesigned Wave wider, it has more padding to make it even more comfortable and gentle on sensitive skin.

rifton wave

Easy to adjust

The Wave is truly tool free, not just when first assembled but for all adjustments – many of them while in use.
(1) Use one hand to adjust backrest angle with one hand while using the other hand to keep the client safe and reassured.
(2) The angle of the seat can be adjusted by releasing two triggers underneath the Wave.
(3) Calf rest can be independently adjusted by pressing the grey buttons and rotating either up or down. Adjust calf rest independently by pushing the gray buttons and rotating up or down.
(4) Adjust chair height and angle pulling out and pivoting the legs either up or down.

rifton wave

Positions like no other bath chair

(1) The Wave back rest can adjust from flat position to 75° in six increments.
(2) The seat also adjusts from flat position to 75° in 6 increments.
(3) The Wave calf rest adjusts separately from the seat in 15° increments – so you can make it completely flat or adjust it to 90°, or any angle in between.
The Wave is the only bath chair with separate seat and calf rest adjustability – meaning you can perfectly position the client with just the right hip and leg angle.
(4) For an intermediate seat height, rotate rear legs up flat and front facing legs down. To get the chair low in the tub, rotate both front and back legs straight out as shown.

rifton wave

It’s all in the details

(1) Conversion kits are ideal for growing kids. For much less cost you can convert a small bath chair into a medium chair. You can purchase everthing you need to convert along with the instructions – fabric, frames, straps, everything.
(2) The Wave’s fabric cover is washable and easy to remove.
(3) Most types of bathroom equipment for those with disabilities are cumbersome and bulky, taking up valuable space. The Wave is designed to fold up flat and hang on the wall.
(4) Rifton’s folding storable tub transfer base makes it possible for everyone in the family to use the tub. When you are finished just remove the base from the tub, fold the legs, and hang it on the wall hook provided.

Rifton Wave Specifications

Item Dimensions (inches)
Seat height 2 – 7
With Tub stand: 12½ – 18½
With Shower stand: 27½
2 – 7
With Tub stand: 12½ – 18½
With Shower stand: 27½
2 – 7
With Tub stand: 12½ – 18½
With Shower stand: 27½
Seat depth (1″ increments) 10½ 13 17
Seat width 15 15 17½
Back height 23 26½ 32
Length of mesh area when flat 35 (without calf rest) 41 (without calf rest) 50½ (without calf rest)
Length of mesh area when flat 42½ (with calf rest) 49 (with calf rest) 61 (with calf rest)
Base width 18 18 21
Base length when flat 29½ 29½ 29½
Tub stand height (legs flat) 8 8 8
Tub stand length (legs flat) 39 39 39
Tub stand width (legs flat) 17½ 17½ 17½
Shower stand height 22 22 22
Shower stand length 34 34 34
Shower stand width 27 27 27
Maximum working load (kgs) 34 68 113
Back and seat angle adjustments 0˚, 15˚, 30˚, 45˚, 60˚, 75˚ 0˚, 15˚, 30˚, 45˚, 60˚, 75˚ 0˚, 15˚, 30˚, 45˚, 60˚, 75˚

Rifton Wave Brochure

Rifton Wave User Manual

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Tub transfer base (Available mid-2017)

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Chest Straps

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Head blocks

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Leg Straps

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Tub Stand

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Shower Stand

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