Shower Buddy Bathroom Transfer System

Shower Buddy Bathroom Transfer System

Remodeling a bathroom due to a disability can be very expensive or maybe not even an option when renting.


Fortunately there is a solution – the Shower Buddy bathroom transfer system fits into most existing showers or tubs. At a fraction of the cost of a remodel, you can install Shower Buddy and enjoy an independent shower the same day.

Depending on your specific needs and the configuration of your bathroom, we can customize a unit to fit your needs.





The Shower Buddy range

Shower Buddy has a model to fit just about every bathroom layout.

  • The original Shower Buddy(SB1)—Ideal for use in a standing shower stall.
  • Tub Buddy (SB2) or a Tub Buddy with tilt function (SB2T)—Suitable for use in a bath tub with the option of Tub Buddy (SB2) or Tub Buddy with tilt function (SB2T).
  • Roll-In Buddy with tilt function(SB3T)—If you already have a roll-in shower (handicap accessible shower) then you can choose the Roll-In Buddy with tilt function (SB3T).

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  1. Melissa


    I was hoping to gather some additional information re the shower buddy and the different sizes these are available in?

    I also have a family that i would really like to try this in- who would be the best person to contact to schedule in a visit?


    • matthewp

      Hi Melissa, we’ll get someone from our team to contact you!


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