Spotlight on the showroom

Spotlight on the showroom

Have a look at the some of the great products we have in stock—the Venus Transit Wheelchair, Oscar Lift Chairs second-hand from $250, and lightweight Trust Care Rollators—both indoor and outdoor models.

Venus Wheelchair

The Venus is a great budget wheelchair. At only 12.5 kgs, it’s lightweight and folds up, so it’s easy to take with you.

The Venus also features attendant brakes on the rear push handles so while pushing your loved one you’re easily able to brake. See the Venus here or come to our showroom at 5 Boulder Rd Malaga.

Lift Chairs from $250

Lift chairs are fantastic for those who have trouble getting in and out of chairs – with the push of a button, let the chair safely bring you into a nearly upright position!
We have a number of second hand models available starting from $250. Find out more about Oscar Lift Chairs here.

Trust Care Walkers In The Showroom!

Trust Care walkers are great – they’re lightweight and come in both indoor and outdoor models! The Let’ Go Indoors The Let’s Go Indoors rollator is easy to use in narrow spaces, can be folded up for storage and has a removable plastic tray The Let’s Go Outdoors rollator has large front wheels that make turning and crossing uneven surfaces.

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