Which special needs stroller? The Convaid Range

Which special needs stroller? The Convaid Range

Which Convaid special needs stroller is right for your child?

An easy question once you know the features of each stroller! This post will run through the Convaid Rodeo, Convaid EX Rider and Convaid Cruiser and which one is best for your loved one.

Convaid Rodeo

  • Tilt-In-Space: 90º – 110º of Recline Adjustment
  • 5º – 45º of Adjustment Tilt.

Perfect for: Full-time users of a special needs stroller who need more involved positioning and support. Users may have limited upper body strength and require more postural support. The tilt allows for some pressure relief for long-time sitting users.

Convaid EZ Rider

  • Upright seating -10° fixed seat angle.

Perfect for: Young people with disabilities or disorders that cause fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, but perhaps do not require full-time use of a stroller or wheelchair. This stroller is suitable for clients who have good upper body strength and can sit upright with minimal or no postural support. The 10 degree fixed tilt supports a more functional sitting position for users to be able to interact with their environment.

Convaid Cruiser

  • 30º Fixed Tilt.

Perfect for: This special needs stroller is appropriate for users who require moderate to minimal postural support in a seat position. The 30 degree angle may be more suitable for clients who use the stroller for longer periods of time or clients who become fatigued.

Carrot Car Seat

The Carrot 3 isn’t a stroller of course, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. It’s the most comprehensive car seat restraint system available for children with extensive growth capabilities. The Carrot Car Seat features extension accessories and adjustable features.

AC Mobility don’t just stock these four products of course – we’ve got a massive range of strollers, wheelchairs, gait trainers and walking aids for kids with special needs. Have a look at the full range by hitting the button below.

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