SPEX Cushions & Seating Systems Inservice

SPEX Cushions & Seating Systems Inservice

AC Mobility were proud to host another seating systems in-service, this time featuring SPEX cushions and their great range of positioning and seating products.

Bruce Mascull (Business Development, Medifab) and Joana Santiago (Clinical Educator, Medifab) took us through the excellent SPEX cushions range. Bruce and Joana demonstrated how each SPEX product can assist clients, with practical demonstrations and case studies.

Lateral supports, cushions and backrests which can be easily modified by the carer to compensate for postural issues (the SPEX system for this is at once simple and brilliant), trunk and pelvic positioning, you name it.

The SPEX range is flexible too—so there’s no reason why a lateral support normally used for trunk support couldn’t be used elsewhere if appropriate.

In the photo, AC’s Peter Kerkhof is adjusting one of SPEX’s self-customisable cushions to make Tennille (also from AC) more comfortable.

The case studies were great—Medifab showed us some individuals with severe postural issues, and how SPEX cushions and seating systems were able to provide relief even in these cases.

As Bruce and Joana pointed out, the goal is to bring a smile to your client’s face.

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