Star Cushions Australia Visit

Star Cushions Australia Visit

Star Cushions’ Laura Dyason (Business Manager) and Newman Holden (National Sales Manager) visited WA recently! AC was happy to organise some training sessions for the great range of Star Cushions products.

Star Cushions have a pressure redistribution cushion for just about any situation. If you, a loved one or a client are at risk of pressure ulcers, there’s a Star solution.

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Contour Star Cushions

Star’s range of contour cushions can help those at low risk or pressure ulcers. You can choose a product whether you want a lower cushion height, right up to those who want maximum support and protection. Choose the Short Contour, Medium Contour, Standard Contour or Max Immerse Cushion. With four separately inflatable zones, you can adjust the comfort to your particular needs.





Stabil-Air and Starlock Star Cushions

The Stabil-Air is an ingenious hybrid of foam and air-filled cushions. You get the comfort of an air-cell cushion, but as each cell is partially filled with foam, you don’t need to worry it will ever bottom out! With Starlock, each cell can be inflated individually. This gives you the ability to customise exactly how you want.





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Galaxy and Starmatt Star Cushions

The Galaxy features anatomically shaped air cells that greatly assist in balance and stability. Starmatt bring the comfort level of a Star Cushion to a whole bed. Fitting a standard-sized hospital bed, it can help with healing up to a stage IV pressure ulcer.







  1. brian pepper

    hi i’m interested in the star cushion could someone give me a call please

    • matthewp

      Hi Brian, sure we’d love to help, can you email your phone number to


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