Airgo Fusion Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair

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Airgo Fusion

Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair

Ships to Western Australia only
  • 2-in-1 Easy to Fold Walker and Wheelchair
  • Swing n’ Lock™ Footrests, Comfortable Armrests
  • Full-fit Backrest
Some people need a walker, some people need a wheelchair—some need both. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a walker that could also function as a wheelchair? There is—Airgo’s Fusion, the 2-in-1 Transport Chair and Rollator. The side-folding Fusion has a weight capacity of 136 kilograms in both modes!

Dual Function

If you’re out and about and get tired or find it difficult to keep standing, the Airgo Fusion quickly converts into a transport chair that your carer can push you home in.

Stylish & Portable

Not only do they look modern, they’re easy to transport. Weighing less than 11 kilograms with accessories, the Fusion folds laterally as is common for standard folding wheelchairs. It’s easy to take with you or put in the car.

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