Tyrex Wheelchair Ramp [1:8 Gradient, 1000mm Wide ]

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Ships to Western Australia only | Lead time of up to 4 weeks | Price depends on size, from $71.15 - $631.40
  • 1:8 gradient,1000mm wide
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Can be used indoors in wet or dry areas
  • Can be used outdoors in the weather
  • Can be trimmed to size
  • Due to their flexibility, they will conform to uneven ground surfaces
  • Can be left loose or fixed in place
  • They have an anti-slip surface so are suitable to walk upon

Made from recycled car tyres, the Tyrex rubber wedge wheelchair ramps are a simple, long lasting, practical solution to many wheelchair access problems both inside and outside. They are extremely durable and hard wearing. We’ve got lots of sizes and types of ramps available. Do you have problems getting a wheelchair, scooter, walker or pedestrian in and about your home or business? Our wheelchair ramps mean it’s easily and quickly solved! Tyrex ramps very versatile. You can use them for a wide range of access purposes such as: pedestrian traffic, as wheelchair ramps, for scooters and even commodes.

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Front door solution

Front door tyrex ramp solutions

Sliding door solution

sliding door tyrex ramp solutions

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