The Carrot Car Seat and The Pixi Stroller Are Now At AC!

The Carrot Car Seat and The Pixi Stroller Are Now At AC!

AC now supply the Carrot Car Seat and the Pixi Stroller!

Adding to our large range of paediatric mobility equipment, we’re happy to be able to supply the Carrot Car Seat and the Pixi Special Needs Stroller.

Pixi Special Needs Stroller

It looks good, it’s lightweight, and it has rigid seating shell construction. The only ‘true’ stroller option that has a step-up footplate – the child can self-transfer without tipping the stroller over.

Easy Kerb Navigation

With handle bar which extends over rear axle

Backrest Recline

Allows the child to sleep or relax

Sturdy Design

For excellent reliability

Rear Wheel Brake System

Makes it so easy to stop

Step-Up Footplate

Strong design that won’t tip the stroller up when the child climbs in

Quickly Folds

Easily fits into a vehicle boot

Carrot Car Seat

Designed, engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability, the Carrot is a comprehensive special needs restraint/booster system for children and teenagers. With accessories and multi-adjustable features, it allows longer use during the child’s life and suits a wide spectrum of child needs.

Head Support

The Carrot Car Seat is ergonomically designed – holds and protects the head

Tether Options

Including additional security tether for the top of the backrest or ISOfix latch connectors

Seat Depth Adjustment

Two positions for a better fit

Shoulder Protector Wings

Extendable wings hold and protect the body

Chest Support

Holds the body securely

Recline Function

With angle adjustable seat and backrest

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