The Karma Flexx – the next best thing to a prescription chair!

The Karma Flexx – the next best thing to a prescription chair!

AC are happy to announce an addition to the range of Karma Wheelchairs we stock—the Karma Flexx! The Karma Flexx is the ultimate adjustable off-the-shelf wheelchair.

The only chair you would be able to customise to your needs more is a custom-made prescription wheelchair!

You can adjust the backrest angle, axle plate height, armrest height and seat depth easily.

The Flexx comes standard with swing away and removable legrests, and is easy to fold and transport. It’s the ideal choice for people who don’t need a prescription chair, but find regular wheelchairs aren’t adjustable enough.

Adjust for your needs

The configurable options of the Flexx include seat depths, seat to ground heights, backrest heights and backrest angles, castor fork angles and centre of gravity. It can be set up how you want—users can easily adjust the swing away footrests, flip-back and adjustable armrests—thanks to the Flexx’s easily identifiable key lockers.

Easy transfers

Transfers are easy with the Flexx. The Flexx has flip-back armrests and the footrest can be swung inward, outward—or even be removed entirely.

At about a third of the price of a prescription wheelchair, the Flexx is a great choice if you or your client is sort of ‘in-between’—regular non-prescription chairs aren’t quite cutting it, but you don’t need a prescription wheelchair.

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