Todo Motor Attachment For Manual Wheelchair

Todo Motor Attachment For Manual Wheelchair
Lightweight. Attaches to any chair. Smartphone-controllable.

Todo Drive Power Assist is a motor attachment for wheelchair that is easy to install and turns your manual chair into an electric chair. Just add the motor, joystick, computing board, clamps, and a battery with a 5mm hex key – and that’s it!

Attach the Todo to your wheelchair and you’ll instantly enjoy the freedom of an electric chair. The Todo has a range of 7km and a recommended user weight max of 90kg, and you can calibrate and control the Todo with their smartphone.

A Motor Attachment for Manual Wheelchair that’s Simple To Install

Attach, power on, pull levers and control the joystick. It’s as simple as that! If you want to handle manually, detach Todo by releasing the levers and then you can push the rims of your wheelchair as would normally do.

The Todo Drive is made up of only 4 items – Motor, Controller, Main Unit, and Battery. All you need to install it is a 5mm hex key!


Todo Drive is the lightest power assist for manual wheelchair on the market. It weighs only 5kg (total weight). 

It can be easily loaded in small compact cars because the Todo doesn’t interfere with your chair’s folding function.

Universally installable

The design of Todo Drive means that it is suited to foldable wheelchairs or fixed frame wheelchairs.


What if you can steer your wheelchair with your smartphone? Todo-Drive App provides you with its remote-control.

You can even set up maximum speed and joystick sensitivity through the app.

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