Vicair Cushions — Clinical Cases Resources for Therapists

Vicair Cushions — Clinical Cases Resources for Therapists

Whether you’re familiar with the Vicair range or not, these clinical cases are a great resource for therapists looking for seating solutions.

AC are happy to provide the four clinical case studies below, reviewing the Vicair Multifunctional, Active, Adjuster 12, and an overall review of the effectiveness of Vicair cushions in an institutional setting.

Vicair Multifuntional

Treating a category IV pressure ulcer on the spine and solving lateral trunk instability.

Vicair Active

Treatment of a category II pressure ulcer and improved asymmetric positioning.

Vicair Adjuster 12

Pressure redistribution and stability through immersion.

Assessment of Vicair Cushions

Reducing pressure ulcers & reduction in staff maintenance time.

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