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Crutch Caddy | Crutch Stand

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store crutches upright
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Crutch Caddy | Store Crutches Upright

Ships Australia-wide
  • Holds two crutches upright - stops crutches being a safety hazard
  • Glows in the dark for safety
  • Use at home, in care facilities or businesses

The Crutch Caddy is designed to hold crutches in an upright position where they should be, right next to you.

Tired of propping your crutches up in the nearest corner, only to have them come crashing to the ground? Do they just become a trip hazard lying on the floor? Stop crutches becoming a safety hazard or an inconvenience with Crutch Caddy.

How does Crutch Caddy work?

Simply slide the tip of the crutch into one of the Crutch Caddy's docks - locking arms flip up to lock the crutch in place, holding it upright. To release, simply lift the crutch upwards and the locking arms will retract into the Crutch Daddy. Super easy, barely an inconvenience! The Crutch Caddy can hold two crutches simultaneously.

Crutch Caddy glows in the dark for greater safety in low-light conditions.

Where can I use Crutch Caddy?

  • at home
  • in hospitals/care facilities to increase patient independence
  • any business - make your business more accessible

Crutch Caddy Specifications

  • Length: 348mm (13 ¾”)
  • Width: 235mm (9 ¼”)
  • Height: 44mm (1 ¾”) at its thickest point - tapers down to floor level at its edge
  • Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs)
  • For use with standard 22mm aluminium crutches with standard 43mm(1 3/8”) rubber tip
  • Two standard Rubber Tips (ferrules) are included with each Crutch Caddy
  • 100% recyclable
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