What’s the difference between the NDIS, NDIA, MyWay and Count Me In?

What’s the difference between the NDIS, NDIA, MyWay and Count Me In?

The NDIS – the National Disability Insurance began at trial sites around the country in July 2013, and full rollout of the scheme will begin in most states in July 2016.

It’s intended to provide individualised support to those with disabilities. Therefore, in principle, it is more flexible than the old State budget-based schemes. You can read more about the NDIS and how it will affect you in our blog post here.


That’s all well and good, but there is a lot of phrases and acronyms that seem to be used in the same sentence – sometimes synonymously – with ‘NDIS’. NIDA, MyWay and Count Me In are some of the more common ones. How do they relate to the NDIS? We’ll take a look at each.


NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency)


This one is easy. The National Disability Insurance Agency is the Government body that oversees and implements the Scheme. The Scheme is the idea, the NDIA make it happen.


The NDIA’s main functions are:


  • Delivering the NDIS
  • Managing, advising and reporting on NDIS finances
  • Promoting awareness of disabilities and disability issues
  • Collecting data about disabilities and disability support
  • Conducting research into disability and disability support


If you live in WA and have a disability (or are involved in caring for someone who does), you’ve probably heard of MyWay. What is it?


A bit of background: the NDIS trial in Western Australia is a bit different – there a two separate trials being run. One is the standard NDIS trial being run in the Perth Hills region, and the other is WA State Government version known as MyWay, being run in the Lower South West. Cockburn and Kwinana join the trial on 1 July 2015..


Why two separate trials? According the the WA Government’s Web site, “when the State Government negotiated WA’s participation in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), it was determined to retain the best features of WA’s existing disability services system. These include early engagement in good planning processes, decision-making at a local level, a focus on natural support networks and inclusion in the community.”


The idea is to see which one works best – vanilla NDIS or WA-flavoured MyWay.


Count Me In


Count Me In is a WA State Government strategy implemented in 2009. According to the Disability Services Commission Web site, “this umbrella framework has 13 priorities and 80 pathways which underpin most, if not all, contemporary developments for disability occurring in WA.”


Some features of this strategy include the Count Me In Awards (part of Disability Awareness Week); the Count Me In Ambassadors (individuals chosen to promote messages in inclusion); Count Me In Research and Count Me In Scholarships (Scott Langmead won a scholarship in 2014, but noone else is listed as winning one yet).


Count Me In is an initiative to promote inclusion, rather than a way of administering disability services. Its focus is on changing attitudes, rather than solutions for special needs.


A bit clearer now?


There are a lot of trials, names, support groups and acronyms in the disability services community. Hopefully this has made some of them a little clearer. At AC Mobility, we like to stay on top of what’s happening in the disability services community. We’re also an NDIS Registered Provider. If you have any disability equipment you need to buy, hire, or get serviced, email us at sales@acmobility.com.au or call us on (08) 9209 1777.

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