Wheelchair ramps for home – what are the options?

Wheelchair ramps for home – what are the options?

Wheelchair ramps for home

Wheelchair Ramps for Home

Access and wheelchair ramps are commonly used to deal with difficult-to-access entrances; for example a step, or a step comprised of a brick riser and door sill (or sliding door). Tyrex ramps are durable and long lasting. If you have difficulty getting your mobility device in and around your house, a wheelchair or access ramp could be the solution. If you need to approach the door from a different angle—for example side-on—ramp wings need to be installed along with the ramp. Wings have lots of different size options.

Depending on how high the obstacle you need to conquer, you can choose the appropriate gradient of ramp. Tyrex ramps come in:

  • gradient 1:8 [sizes 10mm (H) x 80mm (L) right up to 120mm (H) x 960mm (L)]
  • gradient 1:10 [sizes 10mm (H) x 100mm (L) right up to 120mm (H) x 1200mm (L)]

Shower Ramps

Shower hobs can be a real obstacle for those with mobility issues—a Tyrex water retention ramp is the solution. They make it easy for wheelchair users—or anyone that finds a shower hob to be a hindrance—to access the shower.

  • Coloured white or grey
  • Anti-trip, anti-slip surface
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Will bend and affix even to an uneven surface

Wheelchair Ramps for Vehicles

LoaderRamp folding ramps are perfect for loading your mobility device in a station wagon or van. LoaderRamps fold up and weigh only 7.5 kg per section, with a weight load limit of 150 kg.  LoaderRamps feature a non-slip surface and safety sides.

LoaderRamp Features

  • Portable & compact—fold lengthwise
  • Lightweight & strong—aluminium construction
  • Safe & easy to use—anti-slip design, ready for use in seconds

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