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It’s not just about the chair you’re in – it’s about being comfortable too. AC Mobility treats seating as a science—and we have a whole range of ROHO, Bodypoint, Star and SPEX seating, cushioning and positioning products to make sure you are comfortable and supported so you can enjoy your independence.

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Bullsone Balance Seat

SKU ACC-10257
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Product Details

Bullsone Balance Seat | Ergonomic Seating Cushion

Ships Australia-wide
  • Helps you maintain correct pelvic posture
  • Breathable, antimicrobial, anti-slip
  • Available in 3 colours

The Bullsone Balance Seat is an innovative cushion for wheelchair users or anyone who wants to sit comfortably, longer! The patented Multi-Layer Honeycomb Technology absorbs vibrations helps you maintain correct pelvic posture, and the hexagonal-cell structure is breathable, antimicrobial and non-slip. Available in gray, green or orange, the low profile Balance Seat keeps you balanced and comfortable longer.

Bullsone Balance Seat Features

Bullsone Balance Seat features Performance and Characteristics

Performance and Characteristics

Balance Seat provides the optimal pelvis position while sitting, reducing hip and spine pain. Balance Seat uses Multi-layer Honeycomb Technology—a dual-layer hexagonal-cell structure composed of the anti-microbial Vetagel polymer. This technology allows for even distribution of body weight pressure, reducing blood vessel compression and improving blood circulation.

Bullsone Balance Seat features Ergonomic seating

Ergonomic seating

Vetagel’s elasticity creates the best ergonomic seating conditions—the pelvis maintains the correct position and small amounts of movement and vibration are absorbed.

Bullsone Balance Seat


The Balance Seat is breathable, so air circulates through each cell. This design makes seating pleasant for a longer period of time. The seat cover is anti-slip, antibacterial and can withstand temperatures up to 70°C without distortion of shape. Its low profile makes the Balance Seat discrete and easy to place on any chair—all without compromising its efficacy.

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