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It’s not just about the chair you’re in – it’s about being comfortable too. AC Mobility treats seating as a science—and we have a whole range of ROHO, Bodypoint, Star and SPEX seating, cushioning and positioning products to make sure you are comfortable and supported so you can enjoy your independence.

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Quad Cushion - Multi-Use Support Device

SKU 00170
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Product Details
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Support cushion for neck, knees, back & ankles

  • 4 great cushions in one
  • Facilitates better circulation
  • Unique rippled surface diffuses pressure
  • Maintains the spine's natural curvature
  • Helps relieve stress on joints

This contoured cushion has a unique surface that helps diffuse surface pressure even more effectively than a solid foam pillow surface. The ridged surface offers an ideal balance of comfort and support and increased air flow helping to keep the cushion at an optimal temperature.

TGA Listed Yes
Aust. Register of Therapeutic Goods No. 1744454 Cushion, Leg
Medium Size 25 cm across x 52 cm wide x 9 cm high.
Regular Inner 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam.
Memory foam Inner 100% Visco Elastic Memory foam
Dura-Fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
Made in Australia
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