JAY cushions’ premium components mean they excel at stabilising the pelvis, protecting skin from breakdown and positioning the body.

Fusion Cushion

J2’s skin protection + J3’s stability

J2 Series Cushions

contoured base for skin protection and stability

X2 Cushion

lightweight skin protection for active users

Union Cushion

fluid + memory foam wheelchair cushion

Ion Cushion

comfortable, convenient, quality skin protection

Zip Cushion

skin protection and positioning for kids

GS Cushion

adjustable paediatric cushion with built-in growth

Easy Cushion

great value contoured cushion

Care Cushion

suitable for fixed posterior pelvic tilt postures

Soft Combi P Cushion

medium contour, water-resistant cushion

GO Cushion

soft and water-resistant cushion

BasicPRO Cushion

moderate contour and water-resistant for basic needs

Basic Cushion

mildly contoured cushion for basic needs

J3 Cushion

outstanding stability with fluid or air inserts

Lite Cushion

Jay’s lightest cushion

Duo Cushion

skin protection without sacrificing low seat heights

J2 Plus Cushion

stable bariatric cushion

Adjustable Solid Seat

solid base of support for improved positioning


mild protection while outside the wheelchair

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