Airgo Fusion

Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair


  • 2-in-1 Easy to Fold Walker and Wheelchair
  • Swing n’ Lock™ Footrests, Comfortable Armrests
  • Full-fit Backrest
Some people need a walker, some people need a wheelchair—some need both. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a walker that could also function as a wheelchair? There is—Airgo’s Fusion, the 2-in-1 Transport Chair and Rollator. The side-folding Fusion has a weight capacity of 136 kilograms in both modes!

Dual Function


If you’re out and about and get tired or find it difficult to keep standing, the Airgo Fusion quickly converts into a transport chair that your carer can push you home in.

Stylish & Portable


Not only do they look modern, they’re easy to transport. Weighing less than 11 kilograms with accessories, the Fusion folds laterally as is common for standard folding wheelchairs. It’s easy to take with you or put in the car.

The Airgo Comfort Plus is the ultimate in comfort!


Ergo seat’s ergonomic shape and high density foam cushion lined with laminated memory foam on top provide unrivalled seating comfort. Its unique design distributes weight effectively across the entire surface, reducing average pressure measurements by as much as 70% over most rollator seats.

Ergo-Back with memory foam

The exclusive new Ergo-Back is simply the most comfortable rollator backrest available today. It features an ergonomically shaped padded cushion made from high density foam. The back is both height adjustable and removable for your comfort and incorporates a reflective logo for your safety.

Extra-large shopping basket

The Airgo Comfort Plus has an extra large soft basket under the seat, which allows for more storage and doesn’t need to be removed when folding. It is also accessible under the seat and from behind the rollator.

Comfort-grip™ non-marring wheels offer better grip

These offer better grip on carpet, with solid mags for easy cleaning.
Height adjustable frame fits most anyone, dual height frame technology, standard and hemi height in one.

Ergo-form cushion-top handles

Ergonomic, cushion-top handles on the Airgo Comfort Plus conform to your hands to fit more comfortably and place them at a more natural angle, which also makes it easier to reach the brake handles. With built in reflectors for more safety in the dark.
Maximum Weight 136kgs, Easy tool-free set up, with reflective logos and piping to aid visibility.

  • Easy to fold
  • Swing n’ Lock™ footrests
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Full-fit backrest
  • Net weight (without accessories): 17.1 lb (7.76 kg)
  • Weight capacity of 300 lb in both modes
Airgo Excursion X20 specifications Airgo Excursion X20 specifications 2 Airgo Excursion X20 specifications 3 Airgo Excursion X20 specifications 4 Airgo Excursion X20 specifications 5 Airgo Excursion X20 specifications 6
5′- 6’2″ 30″ – 36.5″ 20″ 19.5″ 27″ 28.5″
153 – 188 cm 76 – 93 cm 51 cm 50 cm 69 cm 72 cm

Please note: User height range per model indicated above is a general recommendation based
on ISO Standards. If more personalized recommendation is required consult a health professional.

Airgo Fusion Product Brochure

Airgo Fusion User Manual

See wheeled walkers comparison chart


Product Overall Height Minimum Height Seat Height Weight Allowance Product weight
Ellipse 6” Extra Small 843mm 733mm 479mm 130 kg 6.5kg
Ellipse 6” Petite 830mm 720mm 470mm 130kg 7kg
Ellipse 6” Standard 955mm 800mm 560mm 130kg 7.3
Ellipse 6” Push Down 855mm 800mm 560mm 130kg 7.3kg
Ellipse 8” Standard 945mm 795mm 560mm 130kg 8kg
Ellipse 8” Tall 1020mm 915mm 585mm 130kg 8.3kg
Airgo Comfort Plus 990mm 840mm 570mm 136kg 7.8kg
Airgo Ultra Light 860mm 760mm 510mm 113kg 4.75kg
Airgo Excursion X20 940mm 770mm 510mm 136kg 7kg
Airgo XWD Comfort Plus (Bariatric) 990mm 840mm 570mm 181kg 8kg
The Mack 8” 990mm 875mm 580mm 150kg 10kg
Bariatric Mighty Mack 925mm 820mm 540mm 200kg 12.6kg
Let's Go Indoors Walker 900mm 780mm -- 100kg 6.5kg
Let's Go Outdoors Walker 960mm 780mm -- 130kg 6.5kg

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