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Nova Knee Scooter


  • An alternative to crutches for foot or ankle injuries
  • Features contoured knee pad
  • Foldable steering column for storage & transport

The Nova Knee Scooter is great scooter for foot or ankle injuries, as an alternative to crutches or folding walkers. This knee walker has a comfortable, contoured pad which keep the injured leg in place. The bicycle-style brakes provide speed control. The steering column folds down for transport and  storage.

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Name Nova Knee Walker
Weight (Shipping) 26.7 kgs
Weight Capacity 91-136 kgs
Height Max: 94 cm
Handle Height 79 cm – 94 cm
Foldable Depth Folded Dimensions: 85 cm L x 45.7 cm W x 45.7 cm H
Approx. User Height 157 cm – 193 cm
Overall width 45.7 cm
Size Adult
Weight Capacity 136 kgs
Product Dimensions 45.7 cm W x 85 cm L x 79 cm – 94 cm H
Product Weight 11.8 kgs
Seat Height Knee Pad Height: 43 cm – 57 cm
Braking Style Bicycle
Wheels Four
Color Silver

Nova Knee Scooter Guide

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Ellipse 6” Extra Small 843mm 733mm 479mm 130 kg 6.5kg
Ellipse 6” Petite 830mm 720mm 470mm 130kg 7kg
Ellipse 6” Standard 955mm 800mm 560mm 130kg 7.3
Ellipse 6” Push Down 855mm 800mm 560mm 130kg 7.3kg
Ellipse 8” Standard 945mm 795mm 560mm 130kg 8kg
Ellipse 8” Tall 1020mm 915mm 585mm 130kg 8.3kg
Airgo Comfort Plus 990mm 840mm 570mm 136kg 7.8kg
Airgo Ultra Light 860mm 760mm 510mm 113kg 4.75kg
Airgo Excursion X20 940mm 770mm 510mm 136kg 7kg
Airgo XWD Comfort Plus (Bariatric) 990mm 840mm 570mm 181kg 8kg
The Mack 8” 990mm 875mm 580mm 150kg 10kg
Bariatric Mighty Mack 925mm 820mm 540mm 200kg 12.6kg
Let's Go Indoors Walker 900mm 780mm -- 100kg 6.5kg
Let's Go Outdoors Walker 960mm 780mm -- 130kg 6.5kg

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