Why Use A Beach Wheelchair?

Why Use A Beach Wheelchair?

Why use a beach wheelchair? One of the great things about living in Australia is the beautiful beaches. Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach – whether it’s for swimming, just dipping your toes in the water or even just sun baking?

It’s an experience that no-one, and particularly no child, should be denied. Some of our fondest memories and happiest times growing up are associated with a trip to the seaside. Yet, for children – or anyone – with a disability, a visit to the beach presents a huge challenge. Many beaches are virtually impossible to access with a standard wheelchair. Even should there be an access ramp, once on the sand standard wheelchairs are just good enough.

That’s why beach wheelchairs has become popular, such as the Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair. Let’s look at why beach wheelchairs like this could be the right choice for you.

Beach Wheelchairs Don’t Get Stuck In The Sand

This comes first, as it’s probably the most important characteristic of a beach wheelchair. Otherwise, it’s just a wheelchair. The Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair has large balloon tyres, making it easy to sail across the sand. Their low-pressure design means they are stable even with heavy loads on uneven terrain. There’s other wheel options if you want to use it as an all-terrain wheelchair, too.

A Beach Wheelchair Is Practical and Lightweight

Beach wheelchairs like the compact Hippocampe beach wheelchair, with fold-down seat back, removable push bar and detachable wheels, can be assembled in under a minute. Only 14kg, it’s easy to move and takes up little space. This is important as a beach wheelchair will spend a lot of time being transported itself.

A Beach Wheelchair is Tough and Stable

Beach wheelchairs have corrosion resistant frames, important as they are exposed to so much salt water. The Hippocampe is maintenance-free – just rinse with fresh water. Not only that, but it has neutral buoyancy so it can be used in and out of the sea.

A beach wheelchair can turn a seemingly insurmountable challenge into a pleasant family outing. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to enjoy an Australian summer at the beach?

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