Paediatric Products Update

This month we are sharing some of our scripted Paediatric assistive technology that is now available at AC Mobility.

We are able to conduct trials of these and more assistive technology in collaboration with customers and their treating therapist/s. We understand the importance of finding the right equipment and ensuring that our clients have the opportunity to experience and assess the technology firsthand.

Standing frames like the Rifton Multi-stander offers so many benefits to the user –the opportunity to enhance interaction opportunities as well as build strength.  The Rifton Multistander (also referred to as the New Stander) is a 2-in-1 model enabling it to be used in both prone or supine figuration, with the ability to easily change between the two making it a great all-rounder.

The R82 Swan Curo is a toilet and bath chair developed for children and youngsters with special needs. The Swan Curo toilet and bath chair has a minimalistic design and a small footprint, making it suitable for various bathrooms and homes. The Swan Curo is available in 4 different sizes. Size 1 is available with and without castors. Size 2-4 comes with castors.

Designed with Paediatrics in mind, common challenges are solved with a small wheelchair system that is designed to work as one. Wonderseat Space has been designed for children who require a moderate to high level of postural support in sitting. These are children who will typically be using a tilt-in-space wheelchair, so that the influence of gravity on their posture can be managed.

Please get in touch with us to arrange a trial or find out more.