Whether it’s repairing a wheelchair, a hoist, or a walker, we can help.

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With over 30 years’ experience we know our products and are committed to servicing and repairing rehabilitation or mobility equipment. We can repair Manual wheelchairs, Power wheelchairs, Electric scooters, Patient lifters, Electric hospital beds, Walkers, Strollers, Hoists, Paediatric mobility equipment …and just about any other piece of equipment!
If you can’t get your equipment to us, we can arrange for pick up and delivery in the metropolitan area.

Preventative maintenance is the key to performance and longevity of your equipment. Please adhere to the user manual for cleaning and maintenance requirements and ensure service intervals are maintained.
Our service department is located at the rear of the building and ample parking is available.


We have been a proud supplier of Tyrex ramps since 1995 due to the superior quality of this product.

Tyrex ramps come in two standard gradients of 1:8 and 1:10 and are available in a variety of sizes. There is also an option for the provision of wings to fit off the sides of the ramp for added safety and convenience. Please note: if the ramps are going to be used in a public place, the ramp gradient must be 1:10 or lower (e.g. 1:12)

Due to the unique manufacturing process, Tyrex products are very durable and hard-wearing. With reasonable care, they will last a lifetime.

In addition to the Tyrex ramps, we also carry a wide range of folding aluminium ramps in a variety of sizes and weight capacities.

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