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We don’t just sell wheelchairs—we have just about any other piece of mobility equipment you need. Whether it’s DVA, a daily living aid, walkers, lift chairs, ramps, hoists or anything else, you’ll find it on this page.

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General Rehabilitation and DVA Products

We provide a wide range of general rehabilitation equipment—commodes, bathing and showering equipment, kitchen aids, joint support clothing and much more.

AC Mobility is also part of the Country Care Group – one of the five national providers of mobility equipment for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA). AC Mobility services Western Australia for the Country Care Group.

Orthoses and Mobility Products

Showering, Bathing, Toileting Products

Household and Kitchen Products


Wheeled Walkers and Rollators


Shoprider Scooters and Power Chairs

Merits Power Chairs

Wheelchair Power Assist

Wheeled Walkers and Rollators


Rifton Mobility Products

Walking Sticks & Crutches

Smart Crutch

Ta-da Walking Stick

Flexyfoot Walking Stick


A cool walking stick associated with activity and vitality rather than a standard aid that is, let’s face it, ageing and boring! If so, the Flexyfoot walking stick is for you.

Desirable but functional and comfortable, our newest member to the range is made for the discerning stick user who is tired of the ‘institutional look.’

Design led and funky, the Flexyfoot walking stick has a new moulded handle that is comfortable and gives a good grip.

The oval handled walking stick has been crafted to spread the forces over a wide area of the hand to reduce the stress and impact, a bit like wearing comfy shoes over a pair of stilettos! The handle has also been designed so that your weight sits directly over the stick rather than being offset. This keeps the wrist and hand in a neutral position which reduces strain and injury.

* Flexyfoot provides 50% more grip than a standard rubber tip. Grip depends on the conditions, the terrain and the user. We cannot guarantee Flexyfoot will not slip.

Seating & Cushions

IBIS Lift Chairs

Oscar Lift Chairs

High Back Chair


  • Ultra lightweight yet extra strong
  • Sculptured backrest which is removable for transport
  • Provides comfort and support
  • Height and depth adjustable
  • Timber look aluminium frame

Wheelchair Seating & Cushions

Bullsone Balance Seat

Peak Coccyx Cushion


Unique cut out section suspends coccyx, helps alleviate tailbone pain.

Memory foam relieves pressure and unique design promotes correct seating posture.

Ideal for use at home, office, car or travel, reduces tailbone pain guring and post pregnancy.

Posture Wedge Cushion


Our angled seat cushion encourages proper alignment reducing pressure on lumbar discs. Minimise potential back problems and get the softness and support you need whether at your desk, in the car or your favorite chair. And with Australian made foam, you never have to wonder what might be in your comfort seat cushion. And in the car, angled wedges can help level out the car seat base which may be useful if your vehicle has bucket shaped seats and the angle of the base cannot be adjusted.

The posture support wedge cushion can help relieve lower back pain.

Our angled seat cushion is designed for persons sitting for extended periods. Sitting for long periods can be uncomfortable and even hard on your back and body. Our posture wedge helps in maintaining the spine’s natural curvature helping alleviate nerve pressure in the mid-back area that can cause discomfort. The posture support wedge provides support for a comfortable, aligned spine while seated. Ideal at your desk and computer, use our wedge in your car, take it to a movie, the big game, or give it as a gift to your posturally challenged loved one.

Keyhole Cushion Cover


The Steri-Plus cover on the Keyhole Cushion is not designed for repeated washing. To maintain hygeine and cushion quality we recommend protecting the cushion surface using our specially designed cushion cover that offers a range of benefits:

  • Protection for your cushion.
  • Ideal for keeping your cushion clean and hygienic.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Envelope style closure.
  • Prolongs cushion life.
  • Fantastic Quality from an Australian owned company.
  • Pack contains one cover.


  • Keyhole Cushion Slip: 50cm x 50cm (19.69″ x 19.69″)

EquaGel General Cushion


The EquaGel General Cushion offers maximum comfort to users by distributing their weight across their seat evenly. Designed to minimise pressure on the buttocks, and reduce pressure sores, this cushion is a great alternative to many other cushions on the market. For those with limited movement, or who require long term seating the EquaGel Cushion may be the permanent solution, especially if the user is prone to pressure ulcers.

This pressure cushion is made by two layers of dry-polymer gel; the top layer comprises a thin wall of gel, while the lower is made from a thicker gel layer, designed to maintain posture support. The General cushion in 2 inches thick and is contoured in the pelvic area to more evenly distribute weight.

The EquaGel General Cushion has a waterproof cover and velcro strip on the bottom for wheelchair users.

Here is a range comparison to help you with your selection

Equagel General Cushion

  • For moderate cushioning needs and prevention of pressure sores
  • The thickness of the cushion is 2 inches
  • User Weight 150kg

Equagel Protector Cushion

  • For advanced cushioning needs
  • The thickness of the cushion is 2.5 inches
  • User Weight 147kg

Equagel Adjustable Protector

  • For customisable cushioning needs
  • The thickness of the cushion is 2.5 inches
  • Two different pelvic contour inserts are included to increase the therapeutic gel under the pelvis
  • User Weight 160kg

Equagel Cushions have an 18 month warranty.

Coccyx Wedge/Tailbone Wedge Seat Cushion


If you sit for long periods of time, you need this comfort padded seat cushion.

Tailbone occurs in or around the bony structure at the base of your spine and can be caused by damage to the coccyx(tailbone) during a fall, extended sitting on a rigid surface, degenerative joint issues, or childbirth. The Australian made coccyx foam seat pad promotes good sitting posture thereby making sitting more comfortable. Our coccyx wedge is a slanted seat cushion that keeps you from stooping forward and putting unnecessary pressure on your spine, back and lower back. The wedge coccyx seat pad helps maintain your spine’s natural lumbar curve by tilting your pelvis gently forward and assuring a well balanced seated position.

A coccyx foam seat pad provides pressure relief a bruised coccyx & tailbone.

Our ergonomically designed orthopedic cushion evenly and encourages distributes your body’s load and encourages the correct pelvic tilt to reduce pressure on lumbar discs. With the therapeutic seat pad, you can get relief for your bruised or injured coccyx, more commonly referred to as your tailbone. Tailbone pressure or pain can be effectively remedied with a Coccyx Wedge Tailbone Pain Cushion making sitting more comfortable. With our tailbone seat cushion, you can alleviate tailbone pain and improve the overall quality of your life. Our quality seat wedge can even help you manage the discomfort of tailbone pain during pregnancy. Tailbone pain, also known as coccydynia or coccygodynia, typically goes away on its own within a few weeks or months but you can reduce tailbone pain in the meantime with a comfort seat cushion.

  • Medium Size
  • 42cm across x 40 cm x 2.6 cm (thin) x 7 cm (thick)
  • Inner – 100% open cell ‘breathing’ urethane foam
  • Dura-fab Outer Cover – woven polyester; it is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric
  • Steri-Plus Outer Cover – moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing
  • Made in Australia

Sensation Cushion


  • Sensation visco foam cushion with waterproof cover
  • Two way stretch water resistant cover
  • High density visco foam, provides pressure reduction and comfort
  • Low profile for easier transfers
  • Suitable for use on most seats/chairs
  • Variety of sizes available

Bed Wedge


  • Comes with 2.5cm visco elastic foam on the top side of the wedge and traditional foam on the base
  • Designed to create more comfort for the client
  • Elevates and supports the upper body, allowing easier breathing and digestion
  • The bed wedge is available in a knitted cover and a waterproof cover

Models available

  • B002WA Bed Wedge – Waterproof
  • B002WH Bed Wedge – Quilted
  • B001WA Waterproof Cover Only
  • B001WHQuilted White Cotton Cover Only


  • Length/Width/Height: 760mm/680mm/40-250mm
  • Product Materials: Visco Elastic Foam
  • Product Colours: Blue, White
  • Aus Standards:Yes
  • DVA Approved:Yes

Gel Products

Gel Ovations

Dezyne Gel


Walker Handle

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Rollator Handle

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Crutch Handle

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Forearm Crutch Handle

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Tyrex Wheelchair Ramps

Tyrex Water Retention Ramps

LoaderRamp Wheelchair Ramps

Hoists, Gripping Aids & MOTOmed

Patient Hoists

Active Hands Gripping Aids

MOTOmed Exercise Therapy

Lumo Fluorescent Safety Lighting

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