Equipment Customisation

We are fully equipped to customise, adjust and modify just about any wheelchair or piece of equipment.

Equipment Customisation

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Power and Manual Wheelchair Customisation


Since a wheelchair becomes an extension of your own body, don’t you want it customised to your needs?

AC Mobility know how to customise the perfect wheelchair for you.


We are fully equipped to customise, adjust and modify just about any wheelchair – whether it’s manual or powered – to just about any configuration. Over 20 years of experience, including designing and building our own award-winning power wheelchairs,  means our knowledge is second to none.



to help you.

Our team of Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Engineers have the knowledge.

For a properly scripted chair, you need help from health professionals. Our team can help you get the right chair and the right fit for whatever challenge you face.


Customise almost anything.

Our range of brands, parts and accessories means we can fit almost anything to almost anything.

Whether it’s custom seating, mounting brackets, headrests, footplates or armrests, we can adjust or customise to what you want and need.


A Complete


Our team has decades of experience.

Not only that, they have the complete setup to modify anything – whether it needs welding, machining, or just a lick of paint.

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