Carrot 3000

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The Carrot 3000 car seat is designed,engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability

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Medifab is pleased to provide the most comprehensive special needs booster system we’ve ever introduced for children and teenagers, providing various kinds of extension accessories and multi-adjustable features to allow longer use during the child’s life and to suit the wide spectrum of children’s needs.

The Carrot 3000 is one of the safest child seats in the world, catering for safety and the importance of keeping the child in a safe and supported posture for travel and was was designed, engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability.

Carrot 3000 has a wider growth-adjusting range than the Carrot 2000 which extends the range of users from infants to older children, just by adding optionally, provided extension accessories. Angle and depth adjustable seat and backrest, various kinds of cushions and pads make precise and delicate fitting possible.

The Carrot 3000’s ‘body contouring’ design holds the child in a centred and secure position to ensure optimum support and safety during transport. Ergonomic head support provides added positioning and security.The body holding capability against side-impact and centrifugal forces has been dramatically improved by the ergonomic wrap-shape Head-Support and extendable Shoulder Protector Wings. Shock absorbing F1-comfort pads on the shoulder straps add superior support and comfort.

An optional safety device for a child with seating height more than 65 cm, holding the body to protect child from side impacts or centrifugal forces.

Carrot 3000 is equipped with ISOFIX Latch Connectors. This is the safest way to secure the Carrot 3000 to your vehicle seat; however the latch installation is only possible if your car is equipped with latch anchors. Consult your car manual and ask your distributor for proper ISOFIX Latch installation.

Carrot 3000 has a free angle reclining function. Namely, it reclines as the car seat angles.

The large anterior chest-support of the Carrot 3000 makes secure holding of user’s torso possible.

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