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Limited mobility or a backache can be an annoying problem. Which makes people dependent on others for simplest of everyday tasks, like wearing shoes. But with the help of this Plastic Shoehorn from Homecraft, you can now say goodbye to this challenge of wearing shoes. This tool will help you wear shoes with utmost ease and convenience.


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The shoehorn has a long handle which significantly increases its reach. Making it easier for the user to wear the shoes without putting any effort. On the other end of the handle is a hanging loop. This can be used to hang the shoehorn when not in use; ensuring that it is always close to the user.

With the help of this Plastic Shoehorn, people who find it difficult to wear shoes can now easily accomplish this task without anyone’s assistance. And its strong and durable design ensures that it will continue to be useful for years to come.

The Homecraft Shoehorn is very easy to use. Making it a better choice than other similar products. Users can simply sit on a chair or sofa and can easily wear the shoes without bending or requiring someone’s assistance.

The Homecraft Plastic Shoehorn is highly inexpensive. A perfect pick for someone with limited mobility or someone who struggles to wear shoes. Easy to store when not in use and also suitable to travel with.

Long handle to offer excellent reach
Hanging loop on one end
Made from high-quality material
Highly inexpensive

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Product SKU: PAT-091095157

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