Molift Rgo Slings – Padded Medium & High Back


The Molift Rgo Slings Medium and High Back are versatile slings designed for a wide range of hoisting situations in both institutional and homecare environments. These slings are carefully crafted with Scandinavian design principles to ensure comfort and safety for both the user and the caregiver during transfers. The Medium Back sling provides body support, while the High Back sling offers additional head support, making it suitable for users with impaired head and trunk control. The Rgo Slings are particularly useful for hoisting users from lying positions and from the floor.


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Recommended size to weight:

XXS: 12-17 kg or 26-37 lbs

XS: 17-25 kg or 37-55 lbs

S: 25-50 kg or 55-110 lbs

M: 45-95 kg or 99-210 lbs

L: 90-160 kg or 198-353 lbs

XL: 160-240 kg or 353-529 lbs

XXL: 230-300 kg or 507-660 lbs

Safety: Maximum weight capacity: 300 kg
Warranty: 2 years

  • Fixed padding on the back and legs ensures maximum comfort during lifts
  • Leg straps are adjustable, allowing for customised sitting angles
  • Anatomical design follows the shape of the back, providing exceptional support
  • Shoulder loops ensure even weight distribution, reducing strain on the body
  • HighBack option available for improved comfort and head support during hoisting from a lying position
  • Guide pockets facilitate easy fitting and adjustment
  • Clear labeling system for effortless identification of the product
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable at low temperature for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Maximum cleaning temperature of 85°C ensures a longer lifespan of the product

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