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Slip-Resistant Wheelchair Rubber Ramp

Enhance accessibility and safety with our Slip-Resistant Wheelchair Rubber Ramp, crafted from high-quality natural rubber. Designed to provide a stable and secure transition over thresholds, this ramp is a versatile solution for a variety of settings and uses.

Key Features:

Slip-Resistant Surface: Ensure maximum traction and prevent slips, even in wet conditions.
Natural Rubber: Made from eco-friendly, durable natural rubber that withstands heavy use.
Effortless Installation: Quick and easy to set up, requiring no complex tools or procedures.
Common Uses:

Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters: Provides smooth access over steps and thresholds.
Trolleys and Carts: Facilitates easy movement of goods in commercial settings.
Trip Hazards: Minimizes the risk of trips and falls in high-traffic areas.
Ideal For:

Hospitals: Improve patient and visitor access.
Retail Stores: Enhance customer experience and safety.
Aged Care Facilities: Support the mobility needs of residents.
Schools: Ensure safe and inclusive environments for students.
Office Buildings: Promote accessibility for all employees and visitors.

Load Capacity: Supports up to 500kg, accommodating a wide range of uses and equipment.
Invest in our Slip-Resistant Wheelchair Rubber Ramp for a reliable, versatile, and easy-to-install solution to accessibility challenges. Perfect for creating a safer and more inclusive environment in any setting.

Slip resistant
Natural Rubber
Quick and easy to install
Common uses for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, trolleys, trip hazards and more
Ideal for hospitals, retail stores, aged facilities, schools & office buildings
Load: 500kg

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