Poz’in’Form Lying Positioning System


Poz’in’Form cushions are designed to perform various support and comfort functions for long-term bedridden people. The microfibers prevent from creep effects that are regularly observed in classical positioning and from early deterioration of the support. The various forms, sizes and models of Poz’in’Form allow for a wide range of positioning possibilities.

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For more information visit: Poz’in’Form Lying Positioning System – Medifab AUS : Medifab AUS

Products Available:

  • Poz’In’Form Abduction
  • Poz’In’Form Cylindrical
  • Poz’In’Form Decubitus
  • Poz’In’Form Delta
  • Poz’In’Form Half-Moon
  • Poz’In’Form Half-Ring
  • Poz’In’Form Hand Cushion
  • Poz’In’Form Heel Cushion
  • Poz’In’Form Heel Wedge
  • Poz’In’Form Occiput
  • Poz’In’Form Ring
  • Poz’In’Form Universal
  • Poz’in’Form elements and modules are completely removable and washable. There are two cover options available, Pharmatex or Lenzing FR.
  • The Pharmatex bi-elastic cover is made of polyurethane and is recommended for use in hospitals. Pharmatex is soft to the touch and very comfortable next to the skin, while still easy to clean.
  • The Lenzing FR cover is made of viscose, coated with a waterproof polyurethane film. Lenzing FR® is a major innovation in positioning of the long-term bedridden, preventing maceration. Hygroscopic properties of viscose allow moisture absorption. Also, the elasticity and flexibility of Lenzing FR are particularly suitable for problems regularly observed in classical positioning.

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