R82 Crocodile by Etac

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The R82 Crocodile is designed with the potential to support and enhance mobility for children facing diverse challenges. As a child walker for disabled children, it’s crafted to potentially foster greater independence and freedom.

HIRE: Size 1, 2 and 3. *The weekly rental price may vary depending on size and accessories selected.

*Additional fees apply

Hire from $40 per week* + $10 cleaning fee

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Crocodile Walker

This children’s walking frame is more than just an aid. It’s a crocodile walker for children with cerebral palsy and special needs; possibly a catalyst for active participation, encouraging children to engage with their environment, which may aid in both physical and sensory development. The design of the R82 Crocodile indicates a focus on adaptability and user comfort. It is available in four sizes, potentially accommodating children from approximately 600 mm to 1800 mm in height. With a capacity to support a maximum user mass of 80 kg, this children’s walking frame balances strength and flexibility, suggesting suitability for diverse settings.

The R82 Crocodile, as a notable medical child walker for disabled children, is designed to provide support and adapt to the children’s needs and growth. Its adjustable features and ease of use might make it a valuable gait trainer for kids.

In summary, the R82 Crocodile represents what could be a significant step forward in children’s walking aids. Its combination of thoughtful design, safety considerations, and adaptability makes it a potentially essential tool in the spectrum of children’s walking frames.

size 0 white, size 1 yellow, size 2 orange, & size 3 grey

R82 Crocodile (etac.com)

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