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Highly manoevrable with a tight turning circle of only 45cm! With the seat glide function and a very low minimum seat plate height of only 38cm allows the TA iQ MWD to fit under tables and desks. A 30cm seat lift makes it easier to reach the things you need in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas.

An extra set of castors combined with central drive wheels means excellent stability and a smoother drive on uneven terrain.

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With a remarkably low minimum seat plate height of 38 cm, the TA iQ MWD effortlessly fits under tables, desks, and allows for clear visibility while driving from the chair in a vehicle. Its 30 cm lift capability (up to 68 cm) facilitates improved communication and makes it easier to reach storage areas in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind and mindful of government-funded budgets, the TA iQ MWD is highly specified, reducing the need for additional customisations. All components of the chair are modular, ensuring easy servicing and refurbishment. The TA iQ MWD showcases European-style design with sleek lines and understated Scandinavian aesthetics. Its performance matches its appearance, with a maximum speed of 10 km/h that can be reached in just 3 seconds.

The chair offers a theoretical range of 40 km, providing ample mobility. Additionally, it features a 45° tilt function along with an electric backrest, offering superior pressure relief. The TA iQ MWD can accommodate any specified seating system within a width range of 30-60 cm and a depth range of 30-55 cm. The backrest is easily adjustable and can accommodate any specified back cushion, ensuring personalised comfort and support.

Width without Seat: 63cm
Length without Legrests: 90cm
Minimum Height from Floor to Seat Base: 38cm
Minimum turning Radius: 45cm
Electric lift height (minimum – maximum): 30cm (38 – 68cm)
Electric tilt: 45°
Motors: 4 Pole
Maximum user weight: 140kg
Maximum speed: 10 km/h
Maximum range (optimum): 40km

Seat glide function – get under tables
Turning circle of 45cm – great for indoors
Low seat height of 38cm
Seat lift of 30cm

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