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Smirthwaite Corner Chair

Postural Chair

  • Support and sitting balance encourages socialising
  • Adjustable
  • Pommel keep legs abducted for stable posture

The Smirthwaite Corner Chair is great for children 8 months and up. If your child needs to develop sitting balance, the Corner Chair provides adjustable support including a pommel for leg abduction. Support while sitting makes social interaction easier. With a high level of adjustability in the back, side angle, side pad, headrest and pommel the chair can be positioned according to your child’s needs. It also means the chair can grow with your child.

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Encourage social interaction

through better support and sitting balance


back, side angle, side pad, headrest and pommel

Pommel at front

keep legs abducted to promote a stable posture

Smirthwaite Corner Chair Sizing

Code Size Height range (mm) Width (mm) Seat depth (mm) Max user weight (kg) Product weight (kg)
5501 1 410-520 400 300 85 10
5502 2 520-660 400 300 85 12
5503 3 550-690 450 350 85 14

Smirthwaite Corner Chair Instructions

smirthwaite corner chair tray table

corner chair tray table

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