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Karma Wheelchair Range Perth WA

Whether you are a wheelchair user or a caregiver, you can trust in Karma's devotion to practical wheelchair design. Karma's chairs a popular for good reason - they are made of strong, lightweight materials, giving you a comfortable, confident and reliable...

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Smirthwaite Desks & Tables For Children

Smirthwaite make great desks and tables for kids who need some postural support. Smirthwaite tables blend into the school or home environment. Quality design means a chair that will stand the test of time. But which Smirthwaite desk or table is right? This post sums...

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Handicare Presentation & Products Training Session

Hakan Skenhede, Senior Instructor at Handicare International, along with David Rogan, Business Development Manager for Medix 21 Australia, will lead attendees though a a free public presentation and training session for the renowned Handicare product...

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A Batch of New Videos For You!

More Videos of Our Great Range! AC have a great YouTube channel, whether you're a therapist or user of mobility equipment. Here's some of the video we've recently uploaded. Our videos present the main features of our products in short bites, and we'll keep...

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