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MOTOmed Rehabilitation Exercise Equipment

MOTOmed is a range of exercise equipment specifically designed to assist the rehabilitation of those with mobility challenges by using movement therapy. 

Lack of movement leads to muscular atrophy, poor physical fitness and poor health. This is a particular challenge for those with already limited mobility, especially wheelchair users. The MOTOmed movement trainer will help you combat these issues with gentle, safe, motorised physical training. The German-made MOTOmed trainer has been successfully used worldwide for over thirty years and has two dozen articles supporting its efficacy. Choose the right trainer model for your patient to train lower body muscle only, or upper and lower body. The MOTOmed Letto can even be used for muscle movement therapy for supine patients confined to a bed! All MOTOmed models feature software-controlled Spasm Therapy which differentiates between sudden spasmodic muscle cramps and long term muscular tension. Some indications MOTOmed training can assist with include: multiple sclerosis, stroke, para/tetra/quadriplegia, spastic paralysis, muscular disabilities, craniocerebral trauma, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and poliomyelitis.

MOTOmed Trainer Models

Viva 2

MOTOmed advanced training

  • Advanced training
  • Suitable for those with limited upper body motor activity or vision problems
  • Optional arm/upper body trainer
  • Spasm Therapy differentiates between sudden spasmodic cramps and long term muscular tension


for those confined to bed

  • For patients confined to bed
  • For upper and lower body training and exercise
  • Easy to move and adjust


MOTOmed for children

  • Suitable for children
  • Adjustable
  • Optional arm/upper body trainer

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