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The innovative power assist add-on WheelDrive for manual wheelchairs provides users an unprecedented experience; more mobility with less pain, less fatigue and less energy consumption. Regardless of the situation, users always get the support they need.

Wheelchair not included. Price is for Indes Wheeldrive only.

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WheelDrive is a new generation of auxiliary drive for users of a manual wheelchair that can use extra support. Power Assist Technology® relieves the strain on the user. What is unique is that both wheels are equipped with two hoops. The large hoop offers extra engine support, which requires less exertion. The small hoop offers continuous support as long as it is being pushed forward, making the wheelchair self-propelled.

Maximum load capacity

130 kg

Maximum speed forward
10 km/h (Assist Rim); 6 km/h (Drive Rim)
Total extra width compared to manual wheels (set)
43 mm
Maximum range (ISO 7176-4)
20 km (Assist Rim);12 km (Drive Rim) (depending on user weight, driving programme, weather and road conditions, condition of battery and tyres, etc.)
Weight of batteries (set)
3.6 kg
Total weight including battery (one wheel)
11.5 kg
Kerb climbing, driving backwards
50 mm
Transport weight excluding battery (one wheel)
9.7 kg
Wheel diameter
Charging time (full charge)
Approx. 2 hours
Intended use and environment

For people with limited mobility. Indoor and outdoor use. Contraindication: limited cognitive abilities, one-handed driving.

Thanks to the “true snap-on” principle, the WheelDrive can be used on nearly all standard wheelchairs on the market without making modifications to the wheelchair itself.


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