Benoit Light drive 2.1

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The Light Drive 2.1 is the latest version of the popular Light Drive add-on. It features a unique friction-drive mechanism, the motors transmitting their motion directly to your tyres, propelling the wheelchair for you. It includes an ergonomic joystick that allows for convenient control of your wheelchair.

Wheelchair not included. Price is for Benoit Light drive 2.1 only.

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Light Drive² is installed in less than 20 seconds and is driven with a joystick.

Your wheelchair remains as easy to manoeuvre and use as when it was purely manual. You can also decide, at any time, to use the disengage lever and go back to freewheeling.

Thanks to the Light Drive², you can now contemplate climbing steep slopes, riding over grass or travelling on gravel paths and be able to move about effortlessly, as you wish!

6.2mph / 9.98km/h
8.8kg / 1st 5lb
9.9miles / 15.93km
Power Add On Type
Power Add-On
Weight Capacity
120kg / 18st 13lb

Instant installation .
Light and easily transportable .
Adapts to all wheelchairs .
Can be transported by plane (12Ah Lithium Battery) .
Discreet and unobtrusive design.
Tackles almost any terrain .

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