Klaxon Twist

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Twist is the compact, multi-function propulsion system that you definitely need: a small wheel with an electric motor and a battery. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, Twist is designed to accompany you on every journey.

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Several ************* of use
Twist engaged on the front for a relaxed and safe outdoor ride. 
Choose **** speed with the Controller and **** with your 
hands free. Connect the handlebar and go fast in ***** comfort! 
The rear-******* Twist is ***** for indoor use.

Quick and easy to connect
Twist can be connected and ************ in seconds and 
in total autonomy. Twist is *** solution for your independent 
mobility. Discover a new feeling of freedom without giving up 
the comfort of moving with your wheelchair.

Stylish, technological and wireless
******* your driving system via Bluetooth. Control and select 
the pre-settings directly from the Klaxon® App. ******* stands 
******* you and your freedom! 
Twist is **** and elegant, perfect for moving around in style

Safe *** secure
Twist is made of high-quality materials and meets the 
************ of innovation *** technology. It is designed to 
accompany *** at all times in complete safety and durability. 
Integrated *** lights to ensure visibility at night!

Lightweight and manoeuvrable
Twist is agile. It ******* 360° and is ideal *** ****** spaces. 
The integrated ********* ****** ***** it easy to hold and 
transport. We take care ** every detail.

Compact and transportable
Explore *** destinations **** Twist. Discover the pleasure of 
travelling like never before! Twist is compact *** lightweight 
and can be carried and transported by car, train or plane.

Suitable *** all types of terrain
Twist overcomes everyday obstacles with ease. ******* climbs 
efficiently. When installed ** the front ** ***** *** wheelchair’s 
front wheels and allows you to **** on *** types of terrain.

Linking System Klaxon®
The ********** linking ****** can be mounted on *** type of 
wheelchair, rigid or foldable. Expand the functionality without 
sacrificing *************** *** lightness. 


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36V × 750W brushless


10″ Smooth tread tyre


With controller: electronic brake system

With handlebar: 150 mm mechanical brake

Driving speed

With controller: up to 6 km/h

With handlebar: up to 10 km/h

Battery information

Lithium 36V × 4Ah (weight 1.5 kg)

Charging time: approximately 2 hrs


Approximately 20 km (at moderate speed, on flat terrain and with user weighing 70 kg)


7.5 kg (without battery)


Central Linking System Klaxon®

Lateral Linking System Klaxon®

Rear Linking System Klaxon®

Dimensions (w × h × d)

Twist: 15 × 34 × 31 cm

With Handlebar: 45 cm × 94 cm × 42 cm


Downhill speed control (in controller mode), intelligent cruise control (in controller mode), electronic brake system

Included accessories

Battery, battery charger, frontal light, rear light

Included services

Klaxon® App

Optional accessories

Controller, handlebar, additional battery

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