AC’s Electric Wheelchair Range – Non-Prescription Chairs

AC’s Electric Wheelchair Range – Non-Prescription Chairs

What electric wheelchair range does AC Mobility have? We’re glad you asked. The short answer is: lots. The longer answer you can find below.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to know what sort of electric wheelchair you need – prescription or non-prescription electric wheelchair. This post will deal with our non-prescription range, last week’s tackled our prescription range.


Non-Prescription Electric Wheelchair Range


Cougar 10

Puma 10

The Shoprider range of electric wheelchairs

A Shoprider provides smooth and efficient mobility to enjoy many activities including visiting family and friends, picnics with family in the park, a game of golf, shopping, or even enjoying your favourite meal out on the town.

Streamer – ergonomically engineered for style and comfort

Cougar 10 – mid wheel maneuverability, ideal for both inside and outside

Cougar PowerLift – all the benefits of the Cougar 10, but with an Electric Power Lift Seat

Cougar PowerTilt – all the benefits of the Cougar 10, but with an Electric Power Tilt Seat

Cougar 14 – The Cougar 14’s the 360mm(14 inch) wheels and mid wheel drive means easy operation under various conditions

Puma 10 – the Puma series’ front and rear elastometers keep the wheels in contact with the ground at all times, meaning greater confidence when navigating kerbs and inclines.

Puma 14 & Puma 14HD – along with the Puma’s elastomers, the 14 & 14HD feature a Large Captain’s Seat (510mm x 535mm) as standard, and the 14HD features a user weight capacity of 205 kgs.

Maverick 10

Maverick 14

Merits electric wheelchairs

Merits’ innovative designs come from years of experience and research to fully understand the special needs of individuals. Merits’ staff of world class of engineers and technicians, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, have led to the development of quality mobility products.

The Maverick 10, Marverick 12, Maverick 14 electric wheelchairs feature

  • Full front suspension design
  • A mid-wheel drive design that delivers outstanding maneuverability in tight, compact spaces and a smooth and stable ride both indoors and outdoors even over rough terrain
  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • Swing back joystick bracket is standard
  • The Maverick 10 features 10″ drive tyres, Marverick 12 features 12″ drive tyres, and the Maverick 14 features 14″ drive tyres

There you have it! AC’s range of electric wheelchairs. If you have any questions, give us a call on (08) 9209 1777 or email us at In the meantime, browse our complete range of electric wheelchairs by clicking the link below!

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