World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day is marked to raise awareness and mobilise support for those living with multiple sclerosis, as well as their families and caregivers.

The theme for World MS Day 2024-2025 is diagnosis. The My MS Diagnosis campaign advocates for early and accurate diagnosis for everyone living with MS.

By participating in World MS Day, people can contribute to raising awareness about the impact of multiple sclerosis and advocating for the needs of those affected by the condition. It encourages compassion, understanding, and inclusion for people living with MS, while also highlighting the importance of research and support services in improving their quality of life.

If you or someone you know is affected by multiple sclerosis, World MS Day provides an opportunity to connect with support networks, share experiences, and access resources that can help manage the challenges associated with the condition.

You can visit the World MS Day map to see the global MS community in action and share your activities with the world: Take Action – World MS Day

World Parkinson’s Awareness Month provides Australians with opportunities to learn more about the issues facing people living with Parkinson’s in our communities every day – and how lives can be improved, particularly through exercise, participation in Support Groups, and community activities that provide social opportunities to reduce isolation.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and the perfect time to get involved. Commit to making a pledge or participating in fundraising or research to help find better treatments for the 100,000 Aussies living with the disease.

March is CP Awareness month, which is dedicated to the 17 million people diagnosed with cerebral palsy around the world. CP Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness about cerebral palsy.

What we can do to support more people with cerebral palsy

Each and every day, AC Mobility honours wheelchairs; the people who use them and our employees who play an important role in creating the customised fit and function for our clients.

On March 1st – International Wheelchair Day – people across the globe also join in this celebration to honour the positive impact wheelchairs have on so many lives worldwide.

Wheelchairs give freedom to those who use them every day. The day is also a chance to consider taking positive action towards a more inclusive and accessible world.

Meet Charlie*…

The Meyra Flash has had a huge positive impact on Charlie’s* life as it still means he can mobilise independently when he fatigues or his leg gets sore in his prosthesis. The lightweight frame means Charlie* can just jump into his Flash and play with his brother and his friends without slowing down, and the easy folding mechanism makes it easy for his family to fold up and put in the boot of any car.
We look forward to bringing you more stories from our clients whose lives have been changed through their mobility and accessibility equipment

Some of our most popular wheelchairs…

The Flexx Series is all about comfort, support, performance and flexibility! The Flexx’s elliptical-frame design is durable, stylish, and robust, supporting a wide array of adjustable features, such as rear-wheel axle position, seat depth, backrest angle, backrest height, and foldable backrest – to name a few.

Karma’s lightest wheelchair, weighing a mere 8.6 kg and featuring transport wheels and fixed footrests, Ergo Lite is perfect for those seeking a durable travel wheelchair, and because its crash test approved, you can go further than ever!

Designed for growth, the Paediatric manual wheelchair, Meyra Flash is a highly adjustable manual wheelchair with lots of options to customise. With the Flash, you can have different floor to seat heights, front and rear; different axle positions for changing seat angle/dump; different rim, wheel and tyre combinations; user and attendant brake options; spoke guards; anti-tip wheels—and a variety of frame colours!

This month we are sharing some of our scripted Paediatric assistive technology that is now available at AC Mobility.

We are able to conduct trials of these and more assistive technology in collaboration with customers and their treating therapist/s. We understand the importance of finding the right equipment and ensuring that our clients have the opportunity to experience and assess the technology firsthand.

Standing frames like the Rifton Multi-stander offers so many benefits to the user –the opportunity to enhance interaction opportunities as well as build strength.  The Rifton Multistander (also referred to as the New Stander) is a 2-in-1 model enabling it to be used in both prone or supine figuration, with the ability to easily change between the two making it a great all-rounder.

The R82 Swan Curo is a toilet and bath chair developed for children and youngsters with special needs. The Swan Curo toilet and bath chair has a minimalistic design and a small footprint, making it suitable for various bathrooms and homes. The Swan Curo is available in 4 different sizes. Size 1 is available with and without castors. Size 2-4 comes with castors.

Designed with Paediatrics in mind, common challenges are solved with a small wheelchair system that is designed to work as one. Wonderseat Space has been designed for children who require a moderate to high level of postural support in sitting. These are children who will typically be using a tilt-in-space wheelchair, so that the influence of gravity on their posture can be managed.

Please get in touch with us to arrange a trial or find out more.