Manual Wheelchairs

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Transit Wheelchairs

 Transit Wheelchair

Deluxe Transit Wheelchair

Transit Wheelchair

Transit Wheelchair

Transit Wheelchair

Tilt Transit Wheelchair

Self-Propelled Manual Wheelchairs

Karma Ergolite 2 Deluxe

Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Karma S-ERGO125

Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Karma Flexx

Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Karma Eagle

Self-Propelled Wheelchair


Manual wheelchair


Foldable manual wheelchair


Rigid-frame manual wheelchair


Paediatric folding manual wheelchair


Paediatric fixed manual wheelchair

Paediatric Wheelchairs and Seating

The Zippie IRIS
  • Cutting-edge rotation-in-space technology designed just for kids
  • Comes free with the True Fit Program, a complete growth package

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